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Georgia Pottery
Jerry Pruitt

Pig Bank - US$24
Mixing Bowl - US$16
Casserole Bowl - US$34
Creamer - US$12

Jerry Pruitt became interested in pottery while watching a demonstration in Williamsburg, VA. Several years later he began taking classes in ceramics. Jerry retired from the work force as a civil service worker in 2003. He actually started throwing pottery in 1986 as a hobby but, soon had  more quality pieces than he could ever use or give away to family.

During his "retirement" years as a self-employed artist, Jerry is making wheel-thrown pottery full-time. His pottery has been sold in Europe and throughout the Southeastern United States. Jerry and his wife Peggy reside in Augusta, Georgia.

Pot with Lid - US$95

Square Tray - US$55

Pitcher - US$34
Bread Basket - US$32
Wanda Rose Stewart

 Tropical Pitcher - US$52
Tree Pitcher - US$38
Iris Mug - US$16

After many years as a Middle School Gifted Teacher, life changed for Wanda Rose Stewart. Pottery and watercolor were always part-time creative outlets, but now there is time to devote to the arts. Wanda Rose has studied with Master Potters; Rick Berman of Atlanta, GA, David Voorhees of Flat Rock, NC and the late Charles Counts of Rising Fawn, GA.

Wanda Rose creates artistic pots using porcelain or b-mix (a stoneware/porcelain mix). Her creative expressions come through when she uses her carving skills or watercolor skills to create unique works of art. This relief carving involves repeated carving to obtain the soft curves she desires in some of her pieces. Each pot takes several hours to create and is fired to approx. 2,300 degrees F.

Wanda Rose works on her pottery in her home studio in Decatur, GA.

Tropical Bowl - US$32
Day Lily Bowl
- US$70

Large Carved Vase - US$60
Medium Carved Vase - US$38
Dewitt Boyd

Nativity - US$132

Dewitt Boyd is a gentle, loyal "grandfatherly" artist who lives alone with his cat. He refers to himself as "Old Dog" because he is brave, loyal, friendly and devoted to his Master. Since 2004 Dewitt has added a small yellow dog to every piece of his work, where there is a figure of Jesus, as his signature.

Dewitt uses pristine white porcelain - dyed and hand-sculpted to tell the story of Jesus in child-like simplicity. Since all of his pieces are made by hand, no two are exactly the same. Sometimes the pieces develop into new scenes depending upon the inspiration. Every finished piece is truly one of a kind.

Dewitt's clay pieces shown in the bottom photo are first bisque fired then covered with sawdust and allowed to smolder for a day, thus creating the exciting, unpredictable pit-fired finish. A rare masterpiece indeed. Dewitt's pit-fired pieces include dogs, cats, bears and other animals. Custom pieces can be produced upon request.

Dewitt currently resides in Calhoun, GA.

Pit-fired Cats - US$39
(priced individually with many poses available)
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