The Creative Mark, Inc.
165 South Main Street, Madison, Georgia 30650
Original Paintings by Southeastern Artists
Dianne Williams Nasworthy, a native of Swainsboro, Georgia discovered a natural talent and love for art at an early age. She began painting in 1992, mainly oil on canvas, focusing in the area of still-life. Her paintings have sold nationally and internationally. Dianne currently resides in Covington, Georgia.

    "Peaches on White Cloth"                  "Yellow Roses in Brass"                       "Pumpkins & Pansies"
              Original Oil                                      Original Oil                                        Original Oil         
          Image size - 3" x 3"                      Image size - 6" x 10"                         Image size - 12" x 16"
     Outside size - 6.5" x 6.5"              Outside size - 12.25" x 8.25"              Outside size - 21" x 25"
                US$150.00                                      US$275                                              US$995

Eugene Swain has been an artist most of his life, learning to draw pictures of his surroundings at an early age. He started to paint in oils in 1981 and up until 1985, his paintings were done for family, co-workers and friends. His early work was mostly portraits. In 1985 he started doing local Arts & Craft shows and commenced selling his work to the public. Today Eugene is still doing these shows but has expanded to doing commission work in acrylic and oils. His work is on display in local galleries. Eugene is the Artist-in-Resident for the Morgan County African American Museum. Eugene lives in Buckhead, Georgia in Morgan County.

     "Country Church"                          "Black Berries"                           "Summer Sunset"

        Original Acrylic                           Original Acrylic                            Original Acrylic
    Image size - 8" x 10"                    Image size - 8" x 10"                    Image size - 8" x 10"
Outside size - 13.5" x 11.5"            Outside size - 12" x 10"           Outside size - 9.5" x 11.5"
             US$125                                       US$125                                         US$110

Sue Thomas has been painting for several years, mainly in acrylics. Her work has been selling at The Creative Mark for over the past four years. Sue enjoys painting landscapes and still life. Her paintings reflect her real-life experiences and her interpretations of things she has both seen and read about. Sue is a resident of Madison.

              "The Apple Barn"                                             "Stone Foundation Barn"                           

                Original Acrylic                                                     Original Acrylic
             Image Size - 9" x 12"                                             Image Size - 9" x 12
          Outside Size - 13" x 16"                                    Outside Size - 12.5" x 15.5"
                    US$120.00                                                           US$130.00

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